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Mini Cement Letters 2.5

Mini Cement Letters 2.5

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Our Handmade Mini Cement Letters stand 2.5cm tall and are unpainted and ready to make a statement in your home, garden, porch, or shelf.  

The width of each letter varies between 3.1cm to 8.5cm depending on the letter selected, each letter is 2.2cm deep. Please feel free to contact me for the exact width of your particular letter. Please note all letters will not stand up on their own due to shape.

Select letters A through Z.  Our letters are handmade so there will be slight variants and imperfections caused by air bubbles. 

We take extra steps to water-bathe our letters before sealing them in an eco-friendly sealer. We remove any sharp edges by hand on the backside when demolding only. 

Please allow 8-10 days after placing an order before order to be shipped. 



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